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How to manage iPhone without iTunes? EaseUS MobiMover Free is not only the top one iOS data transfer tool but also the most comprehensive iPhone data manager. You can use MobiMover to view, edit and manage your iOS data with easy solutions. Follow tips below to check how to use MobiMover to delete multiple contacts on iPhone at one time Without iTunes 1. How to Manage iPhone Media Files (Music/Video/Movie) without iTunes 2. How to Easily Manage iPod Data without iTunes 3. Useful Ways to Put Music on iPod without iTunes 4. Transfer Music from iPod to iPod 5. How to Free Download and Put Music on iPod without iTunes 6. [Tutorial] How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

How to Easily Manage iPhone Music without iTunes

Here is the step by step guide to backup iPhone without iTunes: Connect your iPhone to Windows PC or Mac using a lightning USB cable. Open DearMob iPhone Manager. Tap on Trust this Computer button on your iPhone The Coolmuster iOS Assistant (Windows / Mac) is a professional all-in-one iOS Data Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod without using iTunes. It is regarded as the best alternative to iTunes to manage iPhone without any restriction CopyTrans Manager Free The free iTunes Alternative to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod without iTunes. Use CopyTrans Manager to add songs, videos and more to your iPhone. Add and manage playlists and artwork, or change ID3 Tags such as artist, album, rating etc WALTR 2 is a stylish, simple app that transfers music to iPhone without iTunes. Unlike iTunes, it has 0 buttons. In addition, it supports all Apple devices ever-ever created - legacy iPods included. Using WALTR 2 is easy Tunesgo is an ideal companion for discovering, sharing and managing iPhone music without iTunes. It enables its users to export music from PC to iDevice, breaking down the limitation of iTunes for transferring songs. Step 1: Launch Wondershare TunesGo and go to the Music page you have connected your iDevice

How to Manage iPhone without iTunes

  1. After a quick and easy install, it will launch and is ready for you to connect your iPod, iPod Touch / iPhone. We were then able to add playlists to CopyTrans Manager and sync them with the iPod. You can add and delete music, videos, podcasts, and more. It's lightweight and works nice for managing your music collection without iTunes
  2. Export your pictures and videos without iCloud or iTunes. Manage your contacts by moving them between your iPhone and your Mac or PC. Access your iPhone voicemail, call history, voice memos, and.
  3. Another tool for transferring music to iPhone without iTunes is Dropbox, which is a completely free way to transfer, manage and play music on your iDevice within 2GB. Step 1. Download and install Dropbox on both your computer and iPhone. And log in the app with the same Dropbox account
  4. iTools is a great free program that can help you to install apps on iPhone without iTunes. This iPhone manager program is widely used, and it can be regarded as one of the best alternatives to iTunes. This program is very easy to install and offers you a stable process with good results
  5. MacX MediaTrans is a professional iPhone iTunes alternative to manage and organize iPhone without iTunes, namely transfering iPhone to Mac, managing iPhone music files, importing videos from Mac to iPhone etc. at the world's fastest speed
  6. DearMob iPhone Manager allows users to simply back up and restore iPhones and iPads to their own PC or Mac hard drives without iTunes. For most users, Apple's iTunes has long been the control point..

Any user can also download a free license copy of DearMob iPhone Manager on Windows/Mac platform too. It will be a safe and neat medium through which you can easily carry the backup iPhone without iTunes and manage it. For further details visit the website. Get Free Licensed Cop Both Windows and Mac versions of TunesGo can help you to manage iPhone music easily. It enables you to transfer iTunes music to your iPhone and iPad directly without syncing. You can use Android devices with iTunes by using TunesGo easily. It allows you to back up music or other files to PC or Mac computer with ease Using its 1-click iTunes backup and restore features you can easily create backups of your iOS device and restore those backups to your devices without using iTunes. You can also use this tool to restore any iTunes backups to your iOS device, without using iTunes. MobiKin Assistant will also let you delete or imports backups on your computer Part 1: Transfer iPhone files to computer without iTunes using Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) If you want to complete an iPhone file transfer without iTunes, then you must have the right iPhone transfer tool.The right tool is important because it will make your life much easier when you need to transfer files from iPhone to the computer, or vise versa

The Easiest Method to Manage iPhone without iTunes - EaseU

  1. 3 Ways to Manage Music on iPhone Easily. Therefore, it is very likely that you might lose data when you use iTunes to manage music on iPhone. To avoid this situation, remember not to use the same iTunes while moving your data. 1. How to Manage TV Shows on iPhone X/8/7 without iTunes
  2. How to Manage iPhone Media Files (Music/Video/Movie) without iTunes. If you want to manage iPhone media files, there are many ways to do. But if you are looking for some way to manage iPhone files without iTunes easily, you are right here
  3. Easily backup iPhone, transfer music, photos, videos and other files from your PC to iPhone and from iPhone to PC WITHOUT iTunes. Get a free giveaway license code here: https://www.5kplayer.com.
  4. How to Backup Old iPhone Photos without Using iCloud and iTunes. look into an alternative way to manage their Apple devices without the need for iTunes. Manage Ringtone & Voice Easily.
  5. If we discuss the user-interface aspect of DearMob iPhone Manager then one can easily identify the fact that the UI of the software is structured in such a way that any kind of user right from the novice one to the expert can operate the software by referring to the official guide without any complications
  6. Transferring photos from iPhone to PC is a difficult task with iTunes. We offer you 4 alternative ways to do that easily without iTunes or a cable

Managing your device without iTunes. Here are just a few of what you can do with Wondershare TunesGo: 1. Exporting iPhone/iPad playlist to another computer: With TunesGo, you can comletely transfer our music collection from your device to a PC.This can be useful if you formatted your PC or you just need to copy out the songs on your device to a PC This wikiHow teaches you different ways to sync audio files from your computer to an iPhone without using iTunes. If you're using a Mac running Catalina or later, you can use Finder in place of iTunes to manage your music library. If you're using Windows and prefer not to use iTunes, you can try a free alternative like MediaMonkey The free iTunes Alternative to manage iPhone, iPad and iPhone without iTunes. Use CopyTrans Manager to add songs, videos and more to your iPhone. Add and manage playlists, lyrics and artwork, or change ID3 Tags such as artist, album, ratings etc. The best of all? CopyTrans Manager is portable, a 100% free and supports all iPhones, iPads and iPods Der größte DeaI in der Geschichte von HöhIe Der Löwen. Verpassen Sie nicht diese einmalige Gelegenheit

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DearMob iPhone Manager is the alternative to iTunes (for Windows and Mac) for backup and restore to and from the new iPhone, iPad and iPod. Whether you want to backup your data before updating to latest iOS or transfer your photos, music, videos, contacts, text messages or any other information, this program has everything you need to back up iPhone without iTunes Using iTunes, you cannot flexibly drag-and-drop pictures to sync. If you delete photos from Mac or PC, this change also syncs to your iPhone. Content always goes from a computer to iPhone, not the other way around. If you are in the ditch iTunes camp, DearMob iPhone Manager is That tool works without iTunes, it doesn't restrict users as well. When there are many such software out there to welcome users seeking iTunes alternatives, the DearMob iPhone Manager has certain features that make it unique, more user friendly and productive, most importantly, you can backup iPhone without iTunes DearMob is an easy iOS manager to transfer your iPhone data with an encryption method. This light-weight iPhone manager offers a safe and simple way to backup an iPhone without iTunes. You heard it correct! It facilitates the whole process to switch to a new iPhone/iPad or restore an existing backup file when iPhone is acting up

How to Manage iPhone Content without iTunes. By Jeffry Thurana / Nov 6, 2017 / iOS. Apple did a major overhaul on the latest iTunes update. Version 12.7 came with an unexpected move, even by Apple loyalists' standards: the company completely removed the App Store from iTunes Easily Transfer Files from iPhone to PC without iTunes Shais 0 Many people face problems transferring files from iPhone to PC and vice-versa Since iPhone was brought to market, transferring data or files from an iPhone to PC has been considered as an issue

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and easily manage your iPhone - Transfer iPod to iTunes

2. Manage iPhone contacts and SMS. You can import/export contacts from your iPhone to your Outlook mail, Windows Address Book and Windows Live Mail.You can also backup contacts on your iCloud, Gmail, iPhone and others using TunesGo Retro. Merging duplicate contacts from different accounts has never been this easy. Managing SMS and exporting them to other Apple devices can be done easily iTunes can get over your nerve at times when it would crash automatically or refuse to play some songs or probably delete few of them. As an attempt to give a chase to the complicated iTunes, here's an alternative to iTunes for managing your iPhone/iPod/iPad music files - iMusic. Apart from helping you to transfer both purchased as well as non-purchased music and other media files, this. Answered July 21, 2016 To upload music and ringtones to iPhone is easy, you can make it without iTunes. Just try a third party program called iPhone Transfer, it can help you to transfer media files and manage iPhone on computer. Besides, it can sync your iPhone to iTunes as well

iPhone without iTunes - The Complete Guide [2020] Softorin

DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy iOS manager to transfer your iPhone data with encryption method without iTunes. DearMob iPhone Manager can transfer music between iPhone iPad iPod and PC/Mac without iTunes. It provides with a safe and simple way to backup & restore whole iDevice data, enabling you easily switch to new iPhone iPad However, jailbreaking can allow users to remove restrictions on Apple's iOS system and get root access to iPhone. In this way, people can manage and transfer files without the help of iTunes. After your iPhone is jailbroken, you can still use iTunes, App Store and other normal functions, such as sending messages and making phone calls

Anyone who doesn't like iTunes and is looking for an alternative to manage Apple mobile devices on Mac or PC. You need an alternative to iTunes such as iMazing if you need to do any of the following: Access data not available in iTunes such as Messages, voicemail, call history... Recover music from your iPhone or iPo If you want to manage iPhone without iTunes, you can take advantage of the iTunes alternative to handle the iPhone files. You will find hundreds of iTunes alternatives on the Internet, a multifunctional iTunes alternative called Leawo iTransfer will help you get rid of iTunes completely. Part 1. What is Leawo iTransfer How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes Also Read: How To Boost Up Game Performance In Your iPhone So above guide was all about How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes , Use the 3 possible methods that I have discussed above and you can easily have music on your iPhone and that without using the Itunes and even no need to attach USB to your iPhone to get your data sync

It is a cross-platform tool that lets you transfer music between iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone, and iTunes library easily and freely. You should never worry about the data erasing issues occur to your device. It is able to display all songs in your iTunes library, letting you transfer music from iTunes to iPad without iTunes There are quite a few flaws with Apple's mobile products, and one that drives me crazy is their reliance upon iTunes for all your music syncing needs. If you want a song on your iPhone, you pretty much have to use iTunes to get it on there. Either that or buy it directly from the iTunes app on your device The removal of App Store and an Apps section from iTunes has confused some users, and annoyed others. But don't distress, even if this change can take some adapting, because you can still easily manage apps, sync apps, and redownload apps and access apps through the App Store directly on an iPhone or iPad You have to just search and locate the song you like from the iTunes search and then drag-and-drop the song on the Library area to the iPhone button. Overlay window should slide from the right where you can drop the song. That's it this is way how you can easily copy music files to iPhone without iTunes sync Have a look at this free application in order to transfer iPhone contactsto your PC without the need for iTunes. Use the same tool to import the contact entries from your PC to your new iPhone. Alternatively, you might want to start iTunes in Safe mode by clicking on CTRL+SHIFT keys while starting iTunes with your iPhone connected

Without iTunes installed on your PC, you can transfer music, photos or any other files directly to your iPhone, iPod and iPad with a single click. ALL iOS DEVICES The iOS file transfer app is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod classic and others When it comes to managing iOS devices (iPhones and iPad) on Windows, the most popular choice for most users is Apple's own iTunes. iOS is tightly integrated with iTunes and you can manage and control your phone using iTunes.But at the same time iTunes is not the easiest of tools to use to manage your phone. This is where the third party tool 3uTools helps you With iOS Data Manager, you are able to manage iPhone 8 without iTunes easily. What's more, you are able to transfer music from iTunes to Android phone directly. If you are interested in this software, just check it out. Related Articles. iPhone Desktop Manager - Transfer Files to iPhone 7/7 Plu Backup iPhone without iTunes for Free - Syncios Syncios, a free iPhone management tool is available to safely and easily back up iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud to computer.. Data which can be backed up includes but not limited to purchased music, TV shows, apps, apps data, books, photos and video in the Camera Roll; device settings (Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts. Home > Manage iPhone Data > How to Backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud [2019 Update] Many iPhone users increasingly report data loss issues, which is rather unfortunate but avoidable. Whether it is due to accidentally deleting, iOS update failure, jailbreaking error, software crash, or even device broken or lost, every iPhone user is at risk of losing their data

Here's how to download and manage apps without iTunes: Launch iMazing on your computer and connect your device. Select your device in the iMazing sidebar, then click Manage Apps. View iMazing's app library 3. CopyTrans Manager . CopyTrans Manager is another free iTunes alternative to sync media files without iTunes. It will easily transfer music from iPhone to Mac, and move videos, playlists, podcasts, audiobooks and ringtones from PC to iPhone, iPad or iPod via drag and drop.And you're allowed to create and edit iPod playlists, edit song ratings, track title, album, artist info and lyrics You can now backup iPhone without iTunes with DearMob iPhone Manager. DearMob iPhone Manager - The Ultimate iTunes Alternate DearMob iPhone Manager is a convenient iPhone management application designed for iPhone or iPad users, with a specialized focus to ensure deep-rooted, flexible, open, and straight content management services DearMob - iPhone backup, easily and without iTunes Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how iPhone Manager is a product of DearMob, Inc., which develops media tools and full-featured mobile tools for Android and iOS devices. DearMob iPhone Manager is a tool specially designed for both Windows and Mac computers to fast transfer, photos, videos, books, contacts, and other files without having iTunes installed

Question: Q: How do I manage apps without iTunes. Today iTunes upgraded itself, and apparently no longer lets me use it to manage my iPhone & iPad apps. I always buy my apps in iTunes. That way I don't need to cut and paste my password because access to my desktop computer is limited Sync & Backup iPhone and Manage & Transfer iPhone Data Easily as iPhone PC Suite. No matter what you want to do, sync iPhone, backup iPhone, transfer iPhone data, or manage iPhone files, iPhone PC Suite lets you move files between computer, iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod effortlessly by drag and drop Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes, First of all, you need to Download iTunes The latest version x32-bit or x64-bit any of them which is your computer, for your windows or macOS. iTunes allows to restore and unlock the iPhone and iPad in easy steps iTunes it self-restores the iPad and iPhone but in some cases, your net problem can be an issue that it would take a long time to restore an. iTools allows you to manage your iOS devices. Backup and restore your iOS device with a few clicks as well as transfer data between your iPad/iPhone/iPod without using iTunes With the help of iOS Data Manager app, you no longer have to worry that how to move large number of files when you change a new iPhone or iPad device, this program not only makes it extremely easily to sync current contacts to your new device in 3 steps, but also enable you to share everything on your iDevice with another device, better then iTunes

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easy mobile tools , the publisher behind many iOS app (Best Wifi Photo Video Transfer & Share Free, Easily Manage Your iPhone Album Without iTunes ,Emoji Color - Art Keyboard ,Driver Mini - Mania Parking School ,WiFi Album - transfer & share your photos and videos wireless), brings Best Wifi Photo Video Transfer & Share Free, Easily Manage Your iPhone Album Without iTunes with a number of new. With this tool, you can easily manage your iPod music on PC and Mac as you want, even iOS 9 and the latest iTunes 12.2 are fully compatible. Besides transferring music, you are also provided to: Directly transfer music from PC/Mac to iPod without iTunes restrictio AnyTrans lets you manage and transfer music, photos, messages, and all kinds of iOS data across your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer. You can even move Android data to iPhone easily and completely DearMob iPhone Manager is a very easy to use iPhone manager (transfer iPad, iPod touch files as well), and adds a range of features that iTunes has either taken away, or never offered in the first.

Here's Five Alternatives to iTunes 10 for Easily Managing

Your Apple ID is the account you use for all Apple services How to Sync Songs to iPhone or iPad without iTunes Library. Step #1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer. Step #2. Fire up iTunes. Step #3. Click on your device's name from the sidebar. Step #4. In the Summary tab, scroll down to the Options section. Step #5. Check the Manually manage music and videos option If people want to manage TV shows on iPhone without iTunes, they might find it difficult for iOS is a blocked system and they might get more limitation on their computer. But please don't be too concerned, this article will show you a solution to delete, import and manage TV shows on iPhone without iTunes Part 3. Easily Downgrade iOS without iTunes (Not Data Loss) The first introduced method, FoneCope iOS System Recovery, can help you easily downgrade without iTunes and won't cause data loss. This program is safe and virus-free. Also, it can fix various iOS system issues with simple steps, for example, restore iPhone without updating. Step 1 Erasing Iphone Itunes Manually Manage Music Without Steps to Manage Music on iPod without iTunes Easily by iMusic Step 1: Download and Run iMusic to Device Tab. Download, install and run iMusic. Connect the iPod wit

iMazing Easily Transfers Files from Your iPhone without iTunes

Manage your iTunes Store purchases and settings on iPhone. In the iTunes Store app , you can review and download music, movies, and TV shows purchased by you or other family members. You can also customize your preferences for the iTunes Store in Settings Did you know that you can manage Apps on your iPhone without using iTunes sync or the AppStore? This is you can install or delete iPhone apps without iTunes, the AppStore and without having to jailbreak your device. To manage apps on your iPhone, you would need a free computer program called CopyTrans Manager SynciOS Manager is a free iTunes alternative to easily manage iPhone, iPad and iPod without iTunes, which offers you ultimate transfer solution between iOS devices and Windows PC. Transfer music from PC to iOS devices will be very easy. Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer with USB cable and launch SynciOS Manager

It does not like iTunes which need you to sync again and again, you only need to check unwanted photos and click Delete. Basically, you only need to operate 3 steps to manage iPhone files without iTunes. This software is now applied to new iOS 11 and you can feel free to manage files in your new iPhone X/8/8 Plus In order to avoid this type of data accident, you can try to manage iPhone without iTunes by using some third-party apps. For example, you can use iPhone Music Manager to manage your iPhone contents. iPhone Music Manager is a powerful iTunes alternative to manage files on iPhone iTunes 8 is here and is still a memory hogger like previous versions, instead of decreasing the bloat Apple seems to be adding more and more supporting services to the player further increasing the memory consumption. Today, I will be sharing two free iTunes alternative's for managing your Apple devices with ease without consuming resources like iTunes No matter if it is the file on your iPhone, iTunes, iPad, or iCloud, you can check it at just one place without the need of switching your devices. Manage Your Photos and Videos AnyTrans allows you to manage your photos and videos on your Smartphone

How to Transfer Music to iPhone Without iTunes in 7 Ways

Manage iPhone files without iTunes. Easily add files from local hard disk, and delete useless apps, unwanted musics, videos to release free space for new files. 4. Supports All iPhone versions. Including iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and all previous versions Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see 'Subscriptions', tap 'iTunes & App Store' instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions and tap Subscriptions.) Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Don't see the subscription that you're looking for? Tap Cancel Subscription How to Set Any Song as an iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes Or Computer. There are some ringtone creator applications available on the App Store, which enables you to make ringtones from music records, however, they can't specifically add them to the Ringtone section of iPhone, without the assistance of iTunes on PC or Mac

How to Install Apps on iPhone without iTunes- Dr

PanFone Manager is a free and ideal mobile phone data management tool which helps freely manage, transfer, backup, restore and delete your mobile files including photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, apps, and more on Windows PC Transfer Ringtones from PC to iPhone Freely without iTunes. Note: Appandora now has been officially renamed Syncios.. When you've collected some favourite ringtones on your computer, you may want to transfer them to your iPhones 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, or any other iPhone versions

What to do if you don't want to use iTunes to transfer iPhone data to computer? Here this article will show you 9 solutions on transferring files from iPhone to PC without iTunes easily. Best iPhone iPad iPod Transfer Software 2019 Currently, there are many iPhone iPad iPod transfer software in the market The latest version of iTunes removes the App Store and thus the ability to manage iOS apps on an iPhone or iPad directly through iTunes. Instead, Apple wants users to manage and sync their iOS apps directly on the iOS device itself through the built-in App Store DearMob iPhone Manager: Reformulate the Way of iPhone Data Transfer and Backup without iTunes by Jason Copper on December 11, 2018 at 3:28 pm December 11, 2018 at 3:28 pm Sponsored Pos Part 3. Creating a backup of your iPhone before iOS downgrading. One of the most important things you should consider before 'Downgrade iOS without iTunes' is to create a backup. Without a backup, you will lose all the important data in your iPhone. In fact, creating a backup must be done regularly even if you are not going to downgrade the. The other one, FoneCope iOS Backup &Restore is recommended because it not only can backup iPhone at fast speed without using iTunes but also selectively manage iOS data. Just give it a try now! Welcome to leave a comment if you got any other ways to backup iPhone without iTunes effectively

Last week we wrote that WindSolutions announced the launch of CopyTrans Contacts for easily managing your iPhone, iPod and iPad contacts without iTunes. Since yesterday I started using it and I have to say i am very pleased. It is plain, fast and easy to use. All you have to do is connect your iDevice to your PC and CopyTrans Contacts will quickly take charge of your iOS address book, enabling. View iPhone/iPad backup and flexibly restore to new iPhone/iPad. Restore WhatsApp backup from iPhone to iPhone/Android. Transfer. Transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android devices. Seamlessly transfer files to/from iPhone without iTunes. Manage. Import, export, and delete files without Apple's restrictions. One-click to merge duplicate contacts. Users can use this iPhone transfer to import songs, videos, photos and playlists from computer to iPhone easily without iTunes. 4. Export from iPhone to PC. It is no longer a problem to backup your iPhone files. With Emicsoft iPhone Manager, you could easily copy files from iPhone to your local disk. 5. Create iPhone Rington

Best iPhone Manager to Manage iPhone without iTunes

How to Make iPhone 7 Ringtones without Using iTunes; Recommendation: Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod without using iTunes. Support to transfer, edit, backup, manage, view iOS & Android mobile data: Music, which would help easily transfer data between iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and PC. For Windows For Mac OS I recommend dr.fone - iOS Transfer, which enables you to manage your iPhone much more easily. You can import contacts from outlook to iPhone more easily with the help of dr.fone - Transfer (iOS). Here, I will show you how to handle the iPhone contacts manager tool in only two easy steps 4.Manage iPhone contacts: Import, export, remove duplicates & sync with Outlook 5.Load your iDevice with music and video incompatible with iTunes 6.100% compatible with iPhone 7/6S/6/SE on iOS 10, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note 7 & more! Tech Specifications of iPhone/iPad/iPod & Android Manage Quickly Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer without iTunes Its backup feature is one of the most brilliant highlights deserving displaying. For one thing, you can selectively back up different types of iPhone data to the Windows/Mac computer in various formats, saving contacts, messages, notes, calendars, bookmarks, books, music, videos, and photos as CSV, XML, VCF, JEGP, HTML and etc. formats

Export iPhone Contacts to CSV Easily - iMobie GuideHow to Restore iPhone Apps/Software without iTunes3 Easy Ways to Transfer MP3 to iPod with and without iTunesHow to Transfer Contacts from PC to iPhone X/8/7/6S

How to manage iPhone without iTunes? Follow the steps to complete the task. Free download it at: Manage iPhone (No-Limited Version). Start the iPhone manager software; Locate the library/playlist in which you want to add files Easy coping of your iPhone photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to your computer without iTunes. For safely storing of your photos, use you alternatively copy directly to your online storage Dropbox or OneDrive. The annoying buffering and manual transfer of the pictures is done by the iDevice manager for you Managing ringtones in iPhone is not an easy task as you need to have iTunes installed. QuickTone is a freeware tool which revolutionizes the way you sync your Ringtones/SMS Tones. With QuickTone, no iTunes library limitations are enforced, and you are free to handle your tones in whichever way you want. You can also sync [ To transfer music to iPhone without using iTunes, follow the step-by-step guide here. Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and select the Phone Manager. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a lightning cable. Click Transfer iTunes Media to Device to transfer music from iTunes library to iPhone Part 3: How to Upload, Delete, Download Photos from iPhone via Leawo iTransfer. As you can see, it is pretty clear using iCloud when you have access to manage iCloud photos online, but you have to admit that it is going to be a little bit frustrated when you are around some places without internet or the iCloud storage is no more for you Top 11 iTunes Alternative to Transfer Music to iPod, iPad, iPhone without iTunes. Here are best alternatives to iTunes that help you to transfer music or manage music on iPod without iTunes. These alternatives to iTunes allows you to transfer and manage files

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